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    Banquet Halls Houston

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    At Grande Vista, we pride ourselves in providing the hosts a stress free and enjoyable event. Our Professional Planners can handle all aspects of your event. If you like, you can over see the work leading up to your special event to make sure things are being done the way you want them to.

    1.  Grande Vista meeting room

    Can hold up to 500 people. Whether you want to organize an event for a small group of people or a grand scale event, the Grande Vista ballroom can accommodate to fit your needs.

    2. Catering

    Grande Vista offers its guests a wide choice of Hors D'oeuvres to warm the palettes and for main course there is a choice of Italian, Mexican and Continental cuisines. The food is prepared by the finest chefs with decades of experience. See "Packages" for more details on menu items.

    3. Drinks and Bar

    Grande Vista has a full service bar with top of the line premium liquor, champagne and an extensive wine list. We are licensed by the TABC to serve alcohol.

    4. Flowers & Decorations

     If you have a particular decoration theme in mind, we would be more than glad to oblige. After all it is your event! But if you want our Professional Planners to give your event life, we would be more than happy to run ideas by you and after your approval, begin the decorations. It's the decorations that set the tone for a successful event and our experts take great care in assuring it's done properly.

    5. Equipment

    Should your event require special equipment such as projectors, special lighting, LCD's, etc. our Professional Planners could definitely arrange that for you and if we don't have it, we can get it.

     6. Valet Parking

     We have attendants who are present at every event should you require one.

     7. Security

    At Grande Vista, we can provide you with security guards should your event require them. Our  guards specialize in making sure that an event goes by smoothly. It is always best to have some  security around especially for grand events.

    8. DJ

     Grande Vista has a DJ booth. We have multiple DJ's at your disposal. We can present you with a  number of DJ's and you can pick which one you would like to give your event a beat. We     have DJ's specializing in Dance, pop, R&B, classical, rock and international.

    9. Limousine Service and Exotic Cars

    We understand that at an event of a lifetime, you want to put on a good presentation and if you want to take off from the event and bid goodbye from a limousine, we can provide you with one or many.Our limousines are available anytime. We offer a wide array of choices such as stretched town cars, Hummer Limousines and a wide range of exotic cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentley's should you require them.

    10. Photography and Video

     If you would like to get photographs and a video developed to refresh your memory about your grand event, we have trained professionals who can handle all aspects of media creation. Your event can be recorded and pictures will be taken for you to take home.