Banquet Halls Houston
Banquet Halls Houston

Birthday Party Halls Houston

Birthday Parties Houston

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Birthday Halls Houston

Grande Vista Ballroom is available as follows:

Ballroom only (includes tables, chairs, stage, podium)-

Monday through Thursday-  Morning/Afternoon: $1,500; Evening: $2,000

Friday-                                         Morning/Afternoon: $2,100; Evening: $3,000

Saturday-                                    Morning/Afternoon: $3,000; Evening: $4,500

Sunday-                                       Morning/Afternoon: $3,500; Evening: $3,500


$45 per person, includes:

  • Ballroom
  • Fine China & Stemware (all essentials plates, glasses, etc.)
  • Catering: Main course + desert bar (see "catering" for options)
  • All Decorations (flower arrangement, decorations for tables/chairs, stage, entry, reception area and ballroom, table centerpiece) See pictures*
  • Banquet Manager and attendants 

You can add-

  • Pre reception Hors D'oeuvres add $5.95/person (see "catering" for options)
  • Open Bar service add $11.95/person
  • Security guards add $6/person 

All of the above- $68.90/person

 Photography- 100 8X12 images- $595

  • Video for 4 hours with 2 DVDs- $710
  • DJ for 4 hours- $750

 Customizable wall and ceiling decorations and packages are available

**Additional requests and options are welcome